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i just wanted to say that, not even halfway through reading your post about the new free! episode, i started getting super emotional. thanks so much for taking time to write it out and trying to get people to see the real messages in it and putting the episode into a realistic perspective. sorry this is kind of awkward but youre the first person ive seen to take this episode into a real life POV and put real thought into it! so im really happy ;v; thank you again


Aww thank you so much! I’m happy that it resonated with you and (what seems like) so many others!

Even though I ship Rin and Haru together like crazy, I think it’s really important, as so many other tumblr users have also been saying also, to look at episode 12 as a piece of literature because sometimes the most life-changing experiences creep up on you and just whack you over the head. 

Rin’s life-changing experience began with that race where he lost to Haruka in 5th grade, and Haruka’s began when Rin burst into his life in 6th grade and promising to show him “A sight he’s never seen before”. They both took detours, and had setbacks, but they are now both ready to move on and take on the world of professional swimming.

That’s not to say the other characters are less important:

  • Sousuke’s revised dream came true thanks to Rin pushing him through the pain of his injury, just as Sousuke wanted. It’s thanks to Rin that he was able to feel that joy of swimming with friends.
  • Makoto’s desire to swim with Haruka pulled him out of his fear of the water. There’s been a very small setback now with the fight between Makoto and Haruka, but I have no doubt they’ll fall back into their usual routine once Haruka returns from Australia and Makoto sees the change in him. Like Rin said, best friends fight all the time.
  • Nagisa and Rei are both moved by the beauty of Haruka’s swimming, and their desire to swim together with Haruka and Makoto as a team. Their rivalry against Samezuka drives them even higher.
  • Nitori and Momo are both in awe of how amazing Rin and Sousuke are in the water. Nitori is moved and aspires to be like his senpai, and Rin’s notion of “The Greatest Team” has Momo totally pumped.

Rin and Haruka are continually lifted up by these secondary characters:

  • Haruka in S1Ep8 when he listened to the voicemail his teammates left and saw Makoto waiting for him in the genkan. Their collective efforts moved him so much that he changed his mind about the relay, and because of that, it lead to the resolution of the season and opened Haruka’s world a bit more.
  • Rin in S2Ep10 when Sousuke poured out how important it was to him to swim in that race with Rin, and then Nitori and Momo also expressed how they wanted to swim on Rin’s “Greatest Team”. That was a profound moment for Rin, to see that he had created a team so united that they were willing to do anything to win that race.

The thing that is so incredible about Rin and Haruka is that they are an inspiration to each other’s dreams. Whether you ship it or  not (this is the reason why I ship them) it’s not something you can deny without ignoring a profound amount of the story.

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He grew up with the echo of the waves, the foam licking his feet.

"Why do You want to be like Me? Pirates are  free."  but He doesn’t feel that way. Unless when He throws himself into the oceans’s arms.

The large mass has always brought him everything.

Stories, calm, food… and sometimes sadness 
but He didn’t know it had had one last present for him.


Rin was the personification of his first love, the sea.

Unpredictable, dangerous, strong, unstable, beautiful.

Rarely quiet. With a latent wild force inside.
Like fire.
Red and warm, bright and powerful, like his eyes.


The sea salt on his lips again. The cold water caressing him.

“Haven’t You heard that mermaids drown you in the ocean?”

“Better. Then finally I’ll be with my two favorite things”

“ … ”

“I heard that a kiss from a mermaid would safeguard a man from drowning”

“No. They lured seamen to their deaths, Haru. Drowned to the depths and devoured them. Always hungry for the flesh of man”

Feared more than large bodies of salt water, worse than sharks, more magnetic and powerful than mermaids…

"Hold your breath. Hold it for the last time –


Full my pockets of sea stars

lay me down







A thousand miles down to the sea bed

wrapped around his salty arms

I hold him tight.

I hold him   t i g h t.

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